rouje petite - Portable Affordable Red + Infrared LED Therapy Device

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We made this device so you can take anywhere with you. Whether it's to the gym, your class, to yoga practice, on the plane or simply at home. With rouje petite you have the option to charge this device and bring light therapy with you.


14 x 5W RED & NIR LEDs 

6 RED and 8 NIR (Near Infrared)

Our customized product combines both red light therapy benefits at 660nm along with near infrared light at 850nm to maximize results and achieve success. Other products in the market are limited in terms of technology as they only offer either Red or NIR light, minimizing benefits. rouje petite utilizes 5W LEDs instead of the standard of 3W, again in order to maximize results

Ultra Portable (16x10x3.3cm)

Seriously, take it anywhere you want to go. Use it after the gym to spot treat areas. Use it as a part of your morning or bed-time skin care routine. Use it before your sleep for a deep rest and an effective sleep. There are many benefits.


Easy to recharge the battery using a USB cable. 

Silent Operation

The device has been engineered to require no fan allowing for a silent operation. No buzzing/humming sounds to deal with.

Battery Indicator with Display

Allows you to customize your therapy session by controlling the time limits shown on a high tech display.

Full Premium Aluminum Enclosure

We also like apple products. It took us some time but we designed a high quality product as we value both design and quality. 

Stand (Optional)

Sometimes you want to just let the light do the work as you read or rest. Place the rouje petite with the stand on your desk, nightstand, work table etc.


We offer a 1-Year Warranty on our devices. 

How to Use?

Time for treatment varies on the distance the light is away from the skin. Below are the guidelines on the usage

0 inches away from skin for 5 minutes per session.

3-6 inches away from skin for 10-15 minutes per session.

Use up to 2 times per day on the desired area.

To maximize results use at the same time every day. 

What's in the Box?

- rouje petite

- Protective Cover

- Charging Cable

- Quick Charge Adapter

- Protective Goggles 

- User Manual

For the Nerds

Actual Wattage: 12 W

Wavelength (Red/NIR): 660/850nm

Lifetime: typical 50,000 hours

Lens Angle: 90 degrees

Flicker: Utilizes zero-flicker drivers to control flicker to within 1%. Essentially zero flicker can be noticed by the human eye. 

Irradiance: @1in ~44 mW/cm² @3in ~25 mW/cm² @6in 14 mW/cm²

Weight: 1.25lbs

Power Input AC 85-264V, 50/60 HZ

Power Output DC 5V, 3A

EMF: @0in (1V/m EF) & .23milliGauss MF (Since this device is battery operated, the EMF is very low)

Battery: 1-1.5 hrs continuous use

Charge Time: 4-12 hours based on adapter (Leave for charging overnight)